October 22, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

This weekend we visited Hillridge Farms with some of our friends. It was a cold morning, so we bundled everyone up and headed out. We went to the same farm last year (click here to see the pictures) and had such a great time! The farm has tons for the little ones to do. This year they added a few new attractions like this Hay Jump. The kids could get in and jump and throw hay around.

They also added a new Rabbit area. Aidan loved to look at the bunnies and stick his fingers through the gate and let them nibble on him.

Last year we skipped this slide because Aidan was too little. This year James and Aidan went down it together. I passed and waited at the bottom with the twins to get a picture. I wasn't sure what Aidan would think but he seemed to love it!

We took a hay ride over to where the actual pumpkin patch was. I wore a baby (not sure who :)) and James carried a baby in the car seat. It was pretty interesting carrying our pumpkins and all our boys! After we got off the hay ride with out pumpkins I was walking holding Aidan's hand, holding a pumpkin and wearing a baby. James was a head of me carring a baby and holding the other 2 pumpkins. We were walking back to where the stoller was parked. I heard a lady next to me say something like "look at that little boy, his pants are down". Well, a few minutes later I saw she was talking about me, and that "little boy" was Aidan. Apparantley his pants had fallen to his ankles at some point, and because my hands were full, I did not see it! So I could only imagine what people were thinking....he was walking right next to me, holding my hand with his little tush showing!!!!

The first good picture of all 3 boys!!!!

I wonder how I can crop those people in the background out? Anyone know??

Later in the day we had over friends over to hang out. We were able to get a little outside time in before it got cold again. Davin brought over his Power Wheel and they all had a blast driving it around. We had a pot luck of food, and just enjoyed each other's company!

My handsome hubby

This is Aidan and Abby! I think we might have to keep an eye on these two!

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Anonymous said...

Love all of the new posts. I can't believe I have yet to meet your babies but I promise to get there at some point in the near future. Til then- I love being able to read and see them on here! Lots of love to you all!