April 21, 2008


Well it is finally starting to feel like spring. For the past week or so we have had consistently warm temperatures! Yea! Aidan loves playing outside, going to the park, riding in his wagon, and playing catch with his big blue ball. He is getting bigger and bigger everyday and turning into a little boy. He is still not walking, and is not really showing any interest in walking anytime soon. I have to admit, that is OK with me. He is so quick that before I know it he is playing in the dog food. I can't imagine what it will be like when he starts walking. We had to move some furniture around to make the living room more "baby friendly". I also had to be creative and find a way to block him in the living room. Our floor plan is very open, and a baby gate would not work so I use the pack in play to cage him in. It is pretty interesting, but it does the job. Roxy has turned into a little babysitter and tries to stop Aidan when he is doing something he shouldn't. She will get in front on him and lick his face. It is so funny! Aidan's personality is also coming out these days. My used-to-be "garbage disposal" son, now had developed picky eating habits. You never know what he will eat any given day. Some days he will eat a whole chicken and can of green beans. The next day he would lick a piece chicken and make an ugly face and give it to Roxy, or put a green bean in his mouth and then spit it out. I guess this is his way of telling me what he wants. He will not turn down cheese, bananas, or milk! Enjoy the new pictures!

Playing with his truck from his Easter Basket. The best $1 I ever spent!
Aidan loves to share his food with Roxy. He takes a bite, then gives Roxy a bite.

Sleepy boy taking a nap in mommy's bed.
Aidan playing with his new toy box.
Where did my ball go?
Dropping his ball behind the toy box.
Talking to daddy while he is at work. Aidan loves to talk on the phone. He even has his own cell!

I guess he was tired. He crawled over to the pillow, laid his head down, and went to sleep!
Bath time for the naked boy!

We took our first beach trip of the year and had a great weekend! It was the Azalea Festival in Wilmington and we went to the parade, the festival, and the beach! The weather was perfect. Now that Aidan is older he is more aware of his surroundings. Well, he was so afraid of the sand, I could not put him down. He also didn't care for the waves. I am sure he will get used to it as often that we go.

Relaxing while James was grilling.
Enjoying the nice weather. Daddy moved his exersaucer outside so we could all be together while he grilled.

Aidan hanging out with his Uncle Corey back in Raleigh.
He LOVES uncle Corey!
The Azalea Festival Parade in Wilmington. Aidan could care less about the big elephant behind him. He is more entertained with the holes in my shirt!

One Tree Hill Set.... :)
Aidan playing with his friend JP at the mall play area. The boys are finally getting big enough to enjoy playing in the tunnels.
I'm big!
Yep, there it is again. His favorite truck. (I am serious, it was only a dollar)

We went to see a Hurricanes game and got box seat from James work. It was so much fun. I think we are going to become Hockey fans! Aidan had a great time looking at all the lights and listening to the crowd cheering!
Over the Hill, Dad is 50!!!!
Oh No, The Big 50
Happy 50th

I made Aidan these crayons. One of my mommy friends found the recipe online. I remember making crayons when I was younger, so I wanted to make them for Aidan. They are great! They are round and easy for him to pick up. He also can't break them.

Hmmm...this looks yummy!