September 21, 2007

Professional Pictures

These are Aidan's 6 month pictures and our first family picture! Aidan was so good and smiled the whole time we were there!

These pictures were taken when Aidan was 6 days old. It is hard to believe he was ever this little!

These are pictures were taken when we were pregnant with Aidan! I was only 7 months!!

September 13, 2007

6 Months Old!

I am 6 months old! Actually I was on September 4th, but we have been so busy that mom forgot to update the blog! Today I had my 6 month checkup at a new doctors office that is closer to home! I am 27 3/4 inches long and weigh 15.4 pounds. I am a skinny boy, but really tall. Everyone laughs because they don't know where I got my height from! I had to get some more shots today and it was not fun but mommy took really good care of me!

This is me in the pool. Isn't my crab float cool?

Daddy makes fun of my hat and says that I look silly. Mommy says I have to wear it because my beautiful baby blue eyes need protection from the sun!

This is the second time that I feel asleep in the water in my float. It is so relaxing I can't even stay awake. I took a really long nap so mommy and daddy got to play in the pool for a long time!

This was the first night I slept in my crib all night! When I turned 6 months mommy and daddy moved me to my room. I sleep so good in there because I don't have to listen to daddy snoring! :)

Mommy checked on me all night...and morning! I slept until 7 am!

Me and Grammy hanging out at family night. Every Wednesday we get together and have family night. Sometimes we go to Grammy and Ike's or sometimes we go out to eat!

Papa Ike, Uncle Timmy, Aunt Haley and me at family night! Aunt Haley just got home from volleyball practice...yea...she made the middle school team! Uncle Timmy is doing gymnastics. I can't wait to go and watch him.

September 4, 2007

Labor Day Weekend in Savannah

We had a great, long weekend in Savannah with James parents, Aunt Mary, his cousin Lee and his wife Angela. Aidan was a great boy like always. The rain kept us inside the whole time but it was nice to just relax. We watched all the football games on Saturday and Aidan was supporting his teams! James and his dad were able to get in a game old golf before we left on Monday.

Aidan is 6 months old today. It is so hard to believe! He got his second tooth and is doing great at sitting up. He is getting so smart and knows what he wants...and how to get it! Enjoy the new pictures!

See my tooth?? I am a big boy!

Smiling at my mom!

This is my great, great Aunt Mary. It was such a nice surprise to spend the weekend with her!

My Papa and I. We watched football together!

Yummy banana's.

This my Tennessee outfit! Nanny is a Tennessee fan so mommy got me all dressed up! But I was so tired from watching the Georgia game that I went to sleep before the Tennessee game even started!

"Rocky top you'll always be, home sweet home to me. Good ole rocky top, rocky top Tennessee. Rocky top Tennessee."

But I have to stay true to my daddy! Go Dawgs!!

Modeling my Georgia gear.

On the way to Nanny and Papa's. Roxy was so tired so I let her sleep on me!

All Boy

Hanging out with my daddy.

Daddy, Peyton, Peyton's daddy and me! We all went to play trivia! Peyton and I were really good boys. We slept almost the whole time.