August 21, 2007

First Tooth!

Aidan got his first tooth today!! Yea! Finally after months of hand sucking, and tons of drool, we finally got one! I have noticed that the past few mornings he has woke up a little fussy, which was out of character for him. He normally wake up smiling and as happy as can be. He also had a few restless nights the past two weeks. Other than that, he has done great!

Another milestone for our growing boy! Big boy bath time. He now likes to sit up and play in the water.

Playing with mommy in his bumbo.

August 19, 2007

Hot Summer Days

We have been very busy these past few weeks enjoying new friends and staying out of the heat. Aidan is getting bigger everyday. He has his 6 month checkup next week, and we can't wait to see how big he is! He is eating all his fruits, veggies, and drinking juice. Next, we will introduce meats. He is also starting to sit up. This past week he has worked really hard, and he can sit unsupported for about 15 seconds. Then he usually gets distracted and falls in one direction or the other. We are having so much fun watching him grow!

Today we went to a dog park. I liked watching all the little dogs run around and play. Roxy even got to eat doggie birthday cake for her friend's 1st birthday!

Roxy's cake looked really good.

My mama and me!!

Daddy and I playing at the park. I love to touch his face!

Daddy making funny faces at me. We had so much fun!

This is my friend Kyle. Do you remember him? We are big boys now! He is 4 months and I am almost 6 months old!

This is Peyton. He is my newest friend. Mommy and daddy are friends with his mommy and daddy so we get to play a lot. We had a cookout at Peyton's last night. Kyle and Mathew were there too!

Hanging out in the morning. I like to wake mommy and daddy up really early to play!

Here I am practicing sitting up! I am getting really good.

Mommy and me at the library for Baby Lapsit. I have so much fun when we go singing songs, watching the bubbles, and playing with my friends.

I am getting so big. This is me sitting in my daddy's chair. I don't even need help. I am starting to sit up all by myself.

I love playing on my tummy. I like to scoot around to reach all of my toys!

My family. I think I am looking at the fan. :)

I love my Uncle Corey so much. He cuddled with me after my bath!

This is Grammy's dog Mia. She isn't as cute as my dog Roxy but she's fun to play with!

The Bubac Cradle

This cradle is from the Bubac side of my family. It has held sweet, sleeping babies for 3 generations now. Grammy and Grandpa Ike keep it at their house for me. My Grammy made the bumpers and comforter just for me before I was even born! Isn't it beautiful?

August 3, 2007

First Veggies and Fruit

Aidan had his first taste of squash. So far it seems that our little one is an eater. He loved it and wanted more and more. We gave him apple juice for the first time too! In a few days we will introduce another veggie. By 6 months he should be eating fruits, veggies, and starting on meats! Watch his reaction at the end of this post!

Mmmm....that's pretty good

More please

Here goes the juice...

Aidan trying to do it by himself.