May 21, 2008

It is that time of year again....

It is that time of year again when it seems that we are out of town more than we are home. This past weekend we went to Aidan's 6th wedding. Yep, he has been to 6 already in his 14 months of life. We also have been enjoying the beach house in Wilmington and have already gone several times this year. Aidan is turning into a little boy and loves to study his surroundings. He also LOVES playing outside at Grammy's and Papa's with all his outdoor toys.

We saw another Parade in Wilmington and Aidan loved it! James, Aidan, Haley and I went for the weekend. Aidan watched the Parade and had a smile on his face the whole time. He clapped with the crowd as the bands and floats went by. Here we are waiting for the Parade to start.

Clap clap!

Walking on the beach and checking out the waves.

Hmmm....I am not sure about this.

Having daddy time on the beach

Playing with his truck in the sand.

Aidan likes to put sand into the buckets and dump it out. We did that over and over.

Enjoying the scenery with....his truck, of course.

I am King of the World!!

Aunt Haley is such a big help with Aidan.

Taking a walk on the beach

Kiss face

Whew, I am worn out. What a great weekend at the beach!

Aidan had identify confusion one day and thought he was a dog! He climbed into Roxy's cage.

Aidan and his friend Brooke playing with his swing set outside at Grammy's.

St Simons, Georgia for our friend's wedding. It was a beautiful wedding and once again, Aidan was a great little boy!

He even went to sleep with the band playing. He was worn out after a long weekend of meeting mom and dad's friends.

My watchman. He loves to look out the window.

Standing on his tip toes trying to reach the blinds.

Caught!!! Looks are deceiving!

May 2, 2008

First kiss for mommy!

Aidan gave me my first kisses yesterday. I managed to grab the camera and get it on video! Click on the two images below to view the videos! Make sure your volume is on!

May 1, 2008

Enjoying the Warm Weather

Uncle Corey changing Aidan's diaper! Caught on camera!!

The boys at the driving range.

James is already training Aidan. Our future Pro.

Aidan in his car seat. We turned him forward at 13 months. Now he can look out the front windshield. I can also reach him now. He is such a big boy!

Today we went to the Spring Fling in Bedford (mom and dad's neighborhood). We had a great time. Aidan pushed his toy around and practiced walking.

Working on the wheels....

Some of my friends at our last wine tasting. I don't know what I would do without these women! I feel so thankful to have their friendships! We all met in our mom's group. We always have such a great time together, weather we are at playgroups with our babies, at a wine tasting, or at Bunco.

Playdate at the park!

Aidan and daddy brushing their teeth together. Good morning boys!

Aidan taking a nap with Aunt Haley when she came over after school. Her school is so close, she can walk here in the afternoons!