July 31, 2007

The Sweetest Sound

Just hit the play button!!!

July 22, 2007

Pullen Park

Today daddy and mommy took me to Pullen Park. We had a lot of fun. We rode on a train and watched the big kids play. There is even an old Carousel from 1911. When I am a little older I can ride on it!

Our whole family

Andy Griffith, daddy, and me!

Me and my mama!

Daddy's boy!

I am watching the big kids on a boat ride. I am too little for that yet!

Drinking daddy's water

On the train getting ready to leave.

The train was so much fun!

But I am getting really tired.

Time to go home!

Bye bye!

Brad Paisley Concert

Aidan went to his first concert on Friday! Brad Paisley, Kelley Pickler, and Taylor Swift were all great! We had so much fun and Aidan was great. James, Aidan, and I had lawn seats. Mom and dad had 11th row seat that were awesome! We all hung out in the VIP section before and after the show!

Aidan taking a nap before the show even started!

Enjoying the opening act from the VIP tent! Grammy and Grandpa Ike got us in for free!

Dancing with his mom!

Sitting in our lawn seats! Aidan was starting to gt tired!

Dinner time.

Good night!!

All Mine

I love my toes! Soon I will be able to get them into my mouth!

Almost there!

July 16, 2007

11 hours straight!

Last night Aidan slept from 8 pm until 7 am this morning in his bed! ("his bed" right now is the pack-n-play we have on our room. WE are not ready for him to be in his crib all night yet)... He didn't even wake up for a middle-of-the-night feeding! James and I woke up about every hour to check on him. Even though I was tired this morning, I was so happy that he slept that whole time by himself! We starting transitioning him out of our bed about 2 weeks ago and he is doing great! Now, I'm a whole different story. He is getting too big too fast in my opinion!

When I picked him up from his grammy's today, she had dressed him in a shirt that said "I'm Independent". So true!!

July 14, 2007

Fun, Fun, Fun

I love playtime! Mommy takes me to playgroups so I can play with my friends! I am so excited that I am finally big enough for my exersaucer and jumperoo! I have tons and tons of fun playing!

Mommy, Susan, Kyle, and I at playgroup!

I really like my friend Cambell's jumperoo! I want one at my house!

Sometimes I play so hard that I need to take a nap and it doesn't matter where! Mommy caught me napping at playgroup!

This is me playing in my exersaucer. It is so much fun.

This is my friend Taylor. She is so pretty! We love to flirt!! Here we are holding hands.

We laugh at each other too!

My friends and I at playgroup. Me (18 weeks), Kyle (11 weeks), Taylor (13 weeks), and Alex (16 weeks). We are best friends!

Kyle and I always have fun together. Our parents took us swimming in the big pool. Then we both took a little nap while daddy and Kyle's daddy, Karl, made hot dogs!

Mommy held me very tight in the pool. I had a lot of fun kicking my feet!

July 10, 2007

First Airplane Ride

This past weekend Grammy, Aunt Haley, Uncle Timmy, Aidan and I went to Indiana for Melissa's graduation open house. Aidan took his first airplane ride and was so good. It was a great weekend.

Mommy and me on my first airplane ride!

I was a good boy!

Aidan getting out of his swing at Aunt Tracy's house. He has to get buckled up now!
Some of the cousins!!!

Great Grandma and Papa with their three great grand boys, Aidan, Ryan, and Jake
My cousin Jake and I.

We had so much fun playing!

Happy boy! I kept mommy up ALL NIGHT!

Hanging with Great Papa!

Four Generations!! Mommy, Granny, Great Grandma, and Aidan!

Uncle Timmy and I on the airplane. He sat next to me on the way home.

Airplane rides are fun! When can we do it again?

July 5, 2007

Happy 4th of July!!

Happy 4th of July! I hope that everyone had a great holiday! James, Aidan and I went to my parents house for the day. We went to the pool and had fun swimming and listening to the music they had. We had low country boil in the evening! Yum!! We sat on the porch while James, Haley, and Timmy put off a great firework show for us!

My new morning routine. I wake mommy up around 630. I play in bed until she get's up around 7. Then she feeds me some cereal in my high chair. After I eat, I get to watch my favorite show, Baby Einstein!

Aidan's First 4th of July!

Mommy and daddy caught me playing with my feet!

But I saw them!!!

Daddy let me wear his GSU hat!

Yea! I love the "Born in the USA" shirt that grammy got me!!