July 22, 2007

Pullen Park

Today daddy and mommy took me to Pullen Park. We had a lot of fun. We rode on a train and watched the big kids play. There is even an old Carousel from 1911. When I am a little older I can ride on it!

Our whole family
Andy Griffith, daddy, and me!
Me and my mama!
Daddy's boy!
I am watching the big kids on a boat ride. I am too little for that yet!
Drinking daddy's water
On the train getting ready to leave.
The train was so much fun!
But I am getting really tired.
Time to go home!
Bye bye!


Karl and Susan said...

Great pictures! Isn't Pullen Park fun? I went last summer and we are taking Kyle later this week when his grandma is here. It looks like Aidan really enjoyed himself!

April,Michael,& Emily said...

Hi, Heather! It's April (Michael's wife) I love your website. It is so cute. hope you dont mind I made one too:) Aidan is so precious. I love those pictures from the park.
Im so glad that I got the chance to meet you at july 4th.

hope all is well:)


Diaper Cakes for Design said...

OMG....He looks just like you!!! Too cute. Jenifer