July 16, 2007

11 hours straight!

Last night Aidan slept from 8 pm until 7 am this morning in his bed! ("his bed" right now is the pack-n-play we have on our room. WE are not ready for him to be in his crib all night yet)... He didn't even wake up for a middle-of-the-night feeding! James and I woke up about every hour to check on him. Even though I was tired this morning, I was so happy that he slept that whole time by himself! We starting transitioning him out of our bed about 2 weeks ago and he is doing great! Now, I'm a whole different story. He is getting too big too fast in my opinion!

When I picked him up from his grammy's today, she had dressed him in a shirt that said "I'm Independent". So true!!


Nancy said...

Hi just love to look at your website.Aiden is a lucy baby to have you and james for parents.I know how fast babies grow up,just ask your Mom. Love Grandma

Nancy said...

I have been having trouble trying to leave a comment.But when I spelled some words wouldn,t know it would go!

Nancy said...

One more time I will try to get the words all right.Aiden is a very lucky baby to have you Heather, and James for parents. He is so loved. Love Grandma