December 4, 2010

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

It's snowing. In Raleigh. On December 4th.
 We are home, with 3 sick guys, daddy and his youngest boys.
 So, what do you do?
 Make hot chocolate, watch football, eat comfort food...
 and make a fire after the twins go to sleep.
Welcome December!

November 24, 2010


Can you guess why these are here?
Surely I don't need 3 lamps in the same spot.

November 21, 2010

Good Morning

We are having a great weekend at home getting into the Christmas spirit!
Yesterday we went to the Raleigh Christmas Parade, and today we are decorating the house for Christmas!!
The boys started their morning with some fun, quality brother time....  

Off to start decorating!

November 19, 2010

Preschool Halloween Events

Aidan's preschool has a Halloween Costume Parade each year where all the kids get to walk around the building and show all the parents their costumes. After the parade they have a fall festival during school. It is a fun day full of pumpkin picking in the pumpkin patch, hay rides pulled by a tractor (that was Aidan's favorite park), bean bag toss games, and more outside fun. This year we had all the little kids there to watch the parade with the parents. It is hard to believe next year they will be participating as two year olds!

Aidan's class had a Halloween party the same week of preschool. I volunteered to come in and help with the party. It as so fun to get in there and see him in his element. It wasn't fun that my child had to have a meltdown though because his mom was there. His teachers assured me that all the kids act up when their parent is present, but is kind of embarrassing when you can't control your 3 year old. We are working on it though.

{I really think the term "Terrible Twos" should be changed to "Terrible Threes". Just sayin'}

November 18, 2010

Trick or Treat!

I am a little late with these but I wanted to include them.
Sweet Aidan and Landon.

Unfortunately for James, Halloween and Georgia Florida always fall on the same weekend. And with Halloween, comes a weekend full of family events. I think I left out the disclaimer when he married me that Georgia Florida would not be on the top of our priority list. It never fails, the year that Halloween is on Sunday, and not on game day, we have a birthday party for our best twin buds. So, what do you do? Luckily for James we have some pretty great friends who took the time to put a special tv up outside on the deck for the game. So, everyone was happy. Well until the game ended. We won't go there.

After the loss game, the boys did what else, but carve pumpkins.
On Halloween we went to our Church's Fall Festival before meeting our friends for trick or treating.

Then for the main event, we took Thomas the Train, Thing One, and Thing Two to our friend's house to go trick or treating with 10 of our three year old friends and all their brothers and sisters. It was a blast as always, and turning into quite the tradition. These kiddos have been trick or treating together since they were babies. They go way back.
Getting a picture of 3 boys, 3 and under is impossible.

Thing One and Thing Two were champs all night.


November 17, 2010

Me: would you laugh if i wanted a sewing machine?
Hubby: omg.
        This reminds me of the time when you were going to start your own business out of our house selling arts and crafts.
Me:      ha ha ha ha ha
         You love me
Hubby:  eh


He knows me well. And yes, I do want a sewing machine.

One highchair + Two babies....

This is what happens when you forget a highchair at your friends. Being that where ever we go, we usually have the most kids in tow, I sometimes bring a highchair or two with me. Aidan's friends now all have (at least) a sibiling  (except for a very special friend who's baby brother is still cookin in the oven), so we can always use more highchairs.

When you forget to bring your highchair have to be creative. And since Landon IS the older brother, he had to.....stand.

 I think he is over it!

November 16, 2010

November 16th?

Is it really November 16th? Is Thanksgiving next week? Is Christmas just over 6 weeks away?

I have a lot to do.

October 30, 2010


I had reserved today's post to celebrate our win vs FL. Since that sadly didn't happen, I am moving on.

Aidan went home with Aunt Haley and Uncle Corey last week for a sleepover. He was so very excited! Aunt Haley asked us if he could go, and his exact words were "Oh, I would be so excited", while he jumped up and down and covered his mouth with his hand. Who could say no to this face?
So, he loaded up into Uncle Corey's car as was off. He gave his mommy a quick kiss, and that was it.
We skyped with him, and got a few picture from Haley. They watched TV, had snacks, and sang songs while playing the guitar. What a special night for him!