February 5, 2009

We're having a baby.....actually two!

Well we have some exciting news to share....we are expecting twins sometime in August! Yes, you read that right....TWINS! We found out we were pregnant the end of December and very excited! Aidan and the new baby would be 2 and a half years apart! I was starting to feel very sick and tired, much different than my pregnancy with Aidan. I could have swore that it was a girl, based on what I have heard, that you are more sick with girls. Not sure if this is actually true, but I was convinced that it had to be a girl! I had a doctors appointment the 14th of January and they did all my blood work. The results came back that my pregnancy hormone levels were very high, indicting that I might actually be a little further along that I thought! Great news! James and I went back to the doctor last Friday for our first ultrasound and got some shocking news. The doctor was doing the ultrasound and he made a comment, almost laughing..."Oh........".... I really didn't know what he was getting at until I looked at the screen. I knew immediately what I saw, two little circles, not the one that I saw with Aidan. I think one of us asked "why, what's wrong", and the doctor said, "One....Two....Twins!". Wow, I will never forget that moment, shocking to say the least. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine that I would have twins! The first thing I said was, "I am going to need a van!". At 26, this is a big deal!

When we left the doctors I think we were still in shock, well I think we will be until they arrive. I kept asking James if he was ok. We got in the car and starting calling our families. Of course everyone was shocked! James mom could not stop saying "Oh my.....Oh my...Oh my." My mom is still asking "what are we going to do", and says she knows what she will be doing the next 2 years. Haley offered to get a job and that made me laugh! Dad called me a few hours after I gave him the news and asked if I was joking. :)

Twin pregnancy's are considered high risk, for no reason other than the risk of preterm labor. I am young and healthy, and had a full term pregnancy with Aidan, so we should not have any issues. The good news is that we will get ultrasounds at almost every appointment and they will watch us three much more closely! That is exciting! We will also go to Duke a few times for level 2 Ultrasounds, so they can get a better look at each baby! We should make our first trip to Duke sometime in March and will find out the sexes of the babies!

We are so excited about everything our future holds! The babies should be here sometime in August. August 14th they will be considered full term for twins, so hopefully they will not make their debut until then. I have to admit I am looking forward to having a shorter pregnancy. The latest I will go is August 28th, and that would be 2 weeks early. Aidan was born at 41 weeks, so that will be a big difference!