November 29, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

We spent Thanksgiving at the beach this year. It was a great long weekend. The boys fried Turkey and mom and I made the sides. The weather was beautiful. Aidan enjoyed his first Thanksgiving meal, turkey and all. Enjoy the pictures!

Thanksgiving morning!


They made 2 turkeys

Aidan hanging out with his Uncle Timmy

Carving the bird.

Aidan eating his first Thanksgiving meal


On our way to watch the Georgia game. Like my new hat from grammy?

Go dawgs! Hat # 2.

It was a very stressful game!

November 26, 2007

Raleigh Christmas Parade

James, Mom, Grandma, and I took Aidan to the Raleigh Christmas Parade. It was a really chilly morning so we brought hot drinks and blankets. We got there really early to get good seats and grabbed a coffee while we waited for the Parade to start!

Downtown Raleigh

Waiting for the Parade to start!

There were some great floats!

Aidan made some new friends too!

And saw Santa for the first time!

We had a great time!

Aidan hanging out with his Great Grandma at the mall.

Mom and Grandma enjoying some homemade Cosmo's.

Papa and I enjoying them too!

Aidan loves to visit with his Great Grandparents.

Last year James and I bought our first "family" Christmas tree. We had just moved to Raleigh and got a great deal with the after Christmas sale! Before that we used a tree that I bought in college. It was so sad. It looked like the tree from Charlie Brown's Christmas. It would hardly hold up an ornament. It became a family joke. We are so excited about our new tree. It is prelit and I think 7 1/2 feet tall. We put up our tree really early this year. After the parade we couldn't wait. Here is James reading the directions on our new tree. We are starting our family tradition this year and getting out our decorations the week of Thanksgiving. James is like a little kid, and seriously has been talking about decorating for weeks now!

Long day! Is it time to open presents yet???

Just being a boy

Hey everyone! I am getting so big! I have 3 bottom teeth on the bottom and working on my top 2. Mommy can see them coming in. I love to play on the floor and roll and scoot all over the place. I laugh all the time and like to make funny noises and faces! I look like my daddy more and more each day.

Mommy had to work so me and daddy had a boys day! He took these great pictures of me!

After daddy went to work one morning, mommy let me play with his tooth brush. It felt so good on my gums.

Mom can I get one of these?

We all went to Carolina Ale House to celebrate Uncle Corey's birthday! It was tons of fun!

This is me haning out with the big people!!

Uncle Corey loves to hold me!

I love the plaid jammies that Grammy got me. I look like a big boy!

Taking a nap with daddy. I am finally getting over being sick.

I got sick for the first time and it was not fun! My temperature got over 103!! Everyone took really good care of me, but I missed all my friends from playgroup! Here I am in daddy's chair. Mommy spoiled me all week long!

November 13, 2007

Aidan's First Halloween

Aidan had such a great time dressing up in his monkey costume over and over for Halloween Parties and Trick-or-Treating! He is getting so big! Enjoy the pictures from the past month!!

I love to give kisses. I give my mom kisses all the time. In this picture I can see myself in the mirror.
So I gave myself a kiss!!
My 1st Halloween Party! All of my friends brought their mom and dad's to the park for a great party! The grown-ups at chicken, potato salad, chips, and tons of dessert! We had so much fun watching our parents play games.

The is me with my mommy and daddy.
I am their little monkey!
Hey Kyle, cool costume!!!
The daddies played a game where they kicked the pumpkin. It was a race!
There is my daddy!
Grammy and me on family night!
This is the high chair that Grammy keeps at her house for me. It is so nice.
Open wide! I love to eat!!!
It's bed time for me. Uncle Corey rocked me to sleep!
This is my 2nd Halloween party. This party was only for us little babies. My Uncle Corey came with us too! This party was so much fun! We ate tons of yummy food. I also got to hang out with all the dad's and watch the Georgia Florida game! Here I am dressed in my Georgia gear supporting my team!
No Uncle Corey. My moms says that I can not have that!
Yea!! They won!!!! GO DAWGS!
This is me and mommy right before she put my monkey costume on.

Here are all my friends with their mommy's! Can you find me?
Now it is the daddy's turn!
Our family!
Nap time!
Yea! It is finally Halloween. Grammy brought me up to Maaco to see mom!
This is Uncle Timmy, Aunt Haley, and their friends!
I was so tired from all the parties, I went to sleep before I could even eat dinner!