November 26, 2007

Just being a boy

Hey everyone! I am getting so big! I have 3 bottom teeth on the bottom and working on my top 2. Mommy can see them coming in. I love to play on the floor and roll and scoot all over the place. I laugh all the time and like to make funny noises and faces! I look like my daddy more and more each day.

Mommy had to work so me and daddy had a boys day! He took these great pictures of me!

After daddy went to work one morning, mommy let me play with his tooth brush. It felt so good on my gums.

Mom can I get one of these?

We all went to Carolina Ale House to celebrate Uncle Corey's birthday! It was tons of fun!

This is me haning out with the big people!!

Uncle Corey loves to hold me!

I love the plaid jammies that Grammy got me. I look like a big boy!

Taking a nap with daddy. I am finally getting over being sick.

I got sick for the first time and it was not fun! My temperature got over 103!! Everyone took really good care of me, but I missed all my friends from playgroup! Here I am in daddy's chair. Mommy spoiled me all week long!

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