February 10, 2010

5 Months....a little late

I am so lucky....
The boys turned 5 months on January 27th. Today is Feb 10th and I am just now getting around to posting their most recent picutres. Surprised? I think not. Here are some recent pictures of 2/4ths of my heart. (Like that.... Ha!)

Daddy and I have been calling you "Gray" for short. I kind of like it, and it is faster to type when I am talking blogging, im-ing, or emailing about you. :) As I sit here you are napping away in your crib. You are SO easy to put to sleep, and I thank you for that! I can give you your "lovie", paci, and rock you for a few minutes. Once I lay you down, even if you are still awake, you will lay quitely in your crib and put yourself to sleep! That makes my life much easier! You are teething and the past few days/nights have been interesting. I think I feel something today, so maybe we will see your first tooth soon! You love your feet and will not leave your socks on. You blow spit bubbles all the time and it makes your parents laugh. You are content on your back and do not roll much (even though you rolled before your brother). You are sleeping better at night, and before the teething got bad were only waking ONCE a night to eat! You are still nursing and have not had any solids yet. Mom's not in a hurry, so maybe next month! I love you so much "bear" (daddy's nickname for you)!
You are growing so much, I can't believe it! I have a feeling you will be the first to crawl. You love to roll over (you first rolled over on Jan10th), as soon as we lay you down on your back, you flip over. But, you can't figure out how to roll back over yet, so you will get stuck and wait for us to come help you. You have started babbling this month and it is so funny. You have many different voices and I love to hear you talk away. You like to touch my face when I am nursing you, and have started holding your brothers hand when you are eating together. It is the sweetest thing! Sleeping is getting better, but you still would rather stay up with mommy then sleep in your room with your brother. Once you are asleep, you do pretty well, but you like to give us a work out the first hour you are down at night, crying until we come in and soothe you. You are also teething and I think by next month you will have at least one new tooth to show off! You and your brother have recently started "watching" Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and your dad and I think it is so funny that as soon as Mickey comes on the TV, you break out the biggest grin! You have the sweetest smile! Mommy loves you sweet heart!
How cool is it that these boys have a built in best friend?
And an amazing talented big brother who LOVES to sing to all of us!

February 1, 2010

Picture-less post

Ok, well I failed. I really wanted to get the boys 5 months stats up, but it just didn't happen. I had a doctors appointment today for my ear (LLLOOONNNGGG story) and mom went with me. Haley watch ALL THREE BOYS, with some help from Tim and a few friends. We were gone for almost 6 hours, so I owe her....big. She did great with them, as I knew she would. Aidan is sitting on my lap right now, saying "Aunt Haley come?" He loves him some Haley.

So, we made it up to the 50s today...and guess what....we are STILL in a winter weather advisory. No school tomorrow. As in no preschool tomorrow. Ugh. Cabin Fever.