January 31, 2010

5 Months Old and Snow Storm Day 2

We are 5 months old! And we are all bundled up like the kid from The Christmas Story just because mom wanted to get a picture of us in our first snow storm. Aren't we cute?
Check back tomorrow for the rest of their 5 months pictures and to see read what they are doing now.

Yes, this is Aidan putting snow on his baby brothers' head. How sweet.
{my loves}
This is how we do it in North Carolina. Pull some sleds behind Corey's 4-wheeler using ski ropes and ride around the neighborhood. I am not sure it is a North Carolina thing, or just a family thing. The guys (and Haley) were actually trying to figure out how to hook a rocking chair to the back of the 4-wheeler and pull it around. I would not be surprised if that is currently in the works.
{My angel making an angel}
We had a blast enjoying the snow the past two days. There is nothing like a snow storm in North Carolina. We got about 5 inches and the city shuts down! I am not complaining though, but word of advice- you better be stocked up with all the necessities: bread, milk, firewood, and beer. Oh, and don't be like us and get all the above listed and forget about diapers. Yeah, we did.

January 30, 2010

Snow Storm 2010

We are enjoying about 5 inches of snow here in Raleigh today! It is beautiful! Aidan has played outside a few times today, but can only last about an hour before he is ready for a break. We have had hot chocolate and rice crispy treats today during our breaks from the cold- yum! Corey rode his 4 Wheeler over here from home (about 6 miles away) because the roads were pretty bad. Mom and dad also came over for a little while. For now, we are planning on staying home and off the roads. They are expecting it to get in the single digits tonight, and predicting the roads to be a mess through Monday. So, we are stocked with Wii, movies, and wine! Hope everyone is enjoying the snow!!

January 29, 2010

My boys

Not much to say....just some pictures of my boys for Nanni!

T'was the Night Before Christmas....

We had a great time in Savannah celebrating Christmas with the Brogdon's, but came home a day early. Not only did we cause everyone to lose about 40 hours of sleep total while we were in town, we also brought colds from North Carolina and passed them to everyone. So, we headed home on Christmas Eve to get all three boys into their doctor. Aidan and I made some cookies for Santa, and left carrots for the reindeer.  I think he likes cookie dough as much as his mama does!