June 29, 2007


Aidan had his 4 month check up yesterday. He weighs 13.9 and is 25 1/2 inches. That puts him in the 27th % for weight and 70% for height! He is changing every day. His grammy says that he knows what he wants and is very strong willed. Last night we gave him rice cereal for the first time in his new high chair. I think more ended up on him and I then in his mouth. It was very entertaining! He did really well.

We have been very busy with playgroups and walking. Time is flying by. It is hard to believe that he is already almost 4 months old! He is very interested in his surroundings. Aidan loves to look at other babies!

All done! Yummy!

Let me do it myself.

Hmm...still have no clue what to do.

Ok mom. It isn't that bad. But what do I do with it?

What is that? Yuck!

Ok here it goes...I am sitting in a strange chair and dad has the camera ready. Something is about to happen...

I put EVERYTHING in my mouth now. I like to chew on my fingers.

Grandpa Ike gave me a cookie!! Shh...don't tell mommy!! It felt really good on my gums.

My friend Kyle and I at playgroup. We were holding hands!

June 18, 2007


Well we made our first ER trip with Aidan Sunday. He was bit by a tick a couple of weeks ago and I noticed a red ring around the bite. They are treating him for Lyme disease. He should have no problems because we caught it in Stage 1. I think it is worse on James and I.

We had a great time this weekend in Atlanta visiting with old friends. Aidan was an angel the whole time.

James and Aidan in the ER.

Daddy and I on his first Father's Day. I made him a picture frame with my footprint on it!

Saturday we went to mom's friend Amanda's wedding. This was my second wedding and I was SO good!
I had so much fun dancing and taking pictures!

This is my daddy's cousin Chris and I. He hung out with Aunt Lisa and I Friday night.

I met Harry the UGA Bulldog Mascot!
Mom and dad say that I am a Georgia Boy!

I finally met my Aunt Lisa. She is so cool. She watched me Friday night so Mommy and daddy could go out and visit with friends! I can't wait to see her again.

June 14, 2007


Last night mommy and daddy were up late packing for our trip. They are taking me to Atlanta, Georgia for the first time this weekend. I get to meet my Aunt Lisa and tons of mommy's friends! I am so excited! Mommy and I went to a playgroup at the library this morning. We sang songs and danced! I fell asleep before we even got to the car! I am at work with mom again helping Uncle Corey while Grandpa Ike is out of town. We are having fun and Uncle Corey says I am being good. He likes to look at me. I love him so much! Did you know that he was the first person who I ever smiled at. He is so funny!

Aidan and Uncle Corey at Maaco

I am starting to push myself with my legs. I pushed myself so I could watch the TV.
This is a really cool new toy that grammy got me. I can kick it and it plays music!

June 12, 2007


Aidan took his morning nap in his crib for the first time today. On Sunday daddy and grandpa Ike hung a window shade so that I could actually get some sleep in my bright bedroom. When I woke up mommy heard music playing from my room. I had kicked my music box on with my foot. I played in the crib for about 5 minutes before I started crying for mom!

My grammy is out of town this weekend at the beach house visiting friends. She misses me so much and I miss her too. I went to work with mommy yesterday and I was really good. I love going with her to work because I get to see grandpa Ike and Uncle Corey too!

This morning mom and I went to Starbucks. I started playing with my toys in the car. I like spinning the mirror and listening to the music. My mom is so glad that I am finally starting to amuse myself in the car. It makes trips a lot easier for her!

Daddy took this picture last night of my sad face. I already know how to push that bottom lip out and it melts mommy's heart!

June 10, 2007

New Friends

Raleigh is really starting to feel like home. We have made some new friends through James' work and my mom's group. Aidan even made his first friend, Kyle, who is about 7 weeks younger them him.

We enjoy going to our community pool on the weekends. Aidan went swimming for the first time on Saturday and seemed to really enjoy the water.

Aidan and his friend, Kyle.

Exhausted after a long day at the pool.

Pictures April-May

Corey Smith concert in Wilmington, NC.

Us in Savannah over Memorial Day

Aidan with his Nanny and Papa in Savannah.

Bath time at Nanny's.

Aidan hanging with his dad.

He is starting to watch movements on the TV!

His loves his kisses...so do I!!

Bathing in the sink again at Nanny's.

Playing at our Pool Party! He loves being outside.
Georgia boy!

My first Mother's Day. My family came over and we all grilled out at the pool!
Happy boy!

Roxy loves to cuddle with Aidan.

Laughing at his daddy! He loves his swing.

Sleeping with daddy

Aidan's beautiful nursery.
Aidan's nursery.

Aidan's nursery

Aidan playing in his crib.