June 14, 2007


Last night mommy and daddy were up late packing for our trip. They are taking me to Atlanta, Georgia for the first time this weekend. I get to meet my Aunt Lisa and tons of mommy's friends! I am so excited! Mommy and I went to a playgroup at the library this morning. We sang songs and danced! I fell asleep before we even got to the car! I am at work with mom again helping Uncle Corey while Grandpa Ike is out of town. We are having fun and Uncle Corey says I am being good. He likes to look at me. I love him so much! Did you know that he was the first person who I ever smiled at. He is so funny!

Aidan and Uncle Corey at Maaco

I am starting to push myself with my legs. I pushed myself so I could watch the TV.
This is a really cool new toy that grammy got me. I can kick it and it plays music!

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