June 12, 2007


Aidan took his morning nap in his crib for the first time today. On Sunday daddy and grandpa Ike hung a window shade so that I could actually get some sleep in my bright bedroom. When I woke up mommy heard music playing from my room. I had kicked my music box on with my foot. I played in the crib for about 5 minutes before I started crying for mom!

My grammy is out of town this weekend at the beach house visiting friends. She misses me so much and I miss her too. I went to work with mommy yesterday and I was really good. I love going with her to work because I get to see grandpa Ike and Uncle Corey too!

This morning mom and I went to Starbucks. I started playing with my toys in the car. I like spinning the mirror and listening to the music. My mom is so glad that I am finally starting to amuse myself in the car. It makes trips a lot easier for her!

Daddy took this picture last night of my sad face. I already know how to push that bottom lip out and it melts mommy's heart!

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