June 18, 2007


Well we made our first ER trip with Aidan Sunday. He was bit by a tick a couple of weeks ago and I noticed a red ring around the bite. They are treating him for Lyme disease. He should have no problems because we caught it in Stage 1. I think it is worse on James and I.

We had a great time this weekend in Atlanta visiting with old friends. Aidan was an angel the whole time.

James and Aidan in the ER.

Daddy and I on his first Father's Day. I made him a picture frame with my footprint on it!

Saturday we went to mom's friend Amanda's wedding. This was my second wedding and I was SO good!
I had so much fun dancing and taking pictures!

This is my daddy's cousin Chris and I. He hung out with Aunt Lisa and I Friday night.

I met Harry the UGA Bulldog Mascot!
Mom and dad say that I am a Georgia Boy!

I finally met my Aunt Lisa. She is so cool. She watched me Friday night so Mommy and daddy could go out and visit with friends! I can't wait to see her again.

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