December 30, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Well, once again I am about a month behind. What can you expect from a mom, with an almost 2-year-old? My goal today during nap time is to play catch up, and get all our recent pictures posted! We will see how long nap time lasts! He sets the rules you know!

This year Aidan got a Step 2 play kitchen from his mom and dad! This is "the toy" of the year for all of our playgroup friends! Aidan loves his kitchen and the interactive features it has! He can turn the light on and off, boil water on the stove-complete with the sound effects, load and start his dishwasher (hopefully mine soon!), and turn on the microwave. Ok, so the appliance do not actually work, but each has buttons that have a variety of sound effects that really do compare to the real thing. He also has his own phone! Here he is showing off his new toy! Oh, and I forgot to mention that the kitchen is complete with stainless appliances and granite counter tops!

We had a great Christmas this year! We rotate Holidays with our families, and this Christmas we stayed here in Raleigh to spend time with my family! James parents also came up for 3 days, so we were lucky enough to have 2 Christmas this year! Of course we took tons of pictures! These are from Christmas Eve day!

Aidan's new ornament from Nanni and Papa! It was a truck with a Christmas tree tied on top! And best of all...the wheels really moved!

Aidan enjoyed his first candy cane! And I was glad Nanni was here to clean him up!

Ho, Ho, Ho shirt from grammy!

Playing outside on Christmas day in our 60 degree weather! Aidan was trying to push his mom's car! Anything that has wheels he HAS to push!

Waiting for the party to start....

On Christmas Eve, James and I had his parents and my family here! We ate tons of good food, had a white elephant gift exchange, had a fire in the backyard, and hung out until close to midnight enjoying each others company! It was a great night and Aidan refused to go to bed until the fun was over!

White Elephant Exchange.....

Dad loved his beverage helmet from James and me....

But Haley wasn't too pleased with our old dinning room brass chandelier....

I liked the Starbucks gift card, but didn't have a place for this fancy clock....

Mom got a movie and hot chocolate, so I had to steal her's...
But only after my FIL stole my gift....

Someone stole the beverage helmet from dad....and he looked very happy to steal Haley's light.... (I made him take it home!!!)

Haley ended up with the beverage helmet....

Tim got a Scrabble game, but I am not sure how excited he was about it....

The guys admiring the lamp once again!

Our will notice that there are only ornaments on the bottom half, that is thanks to Aidan. We had to put all the ornament on the top half of the tree because he thought it was funny to take them down and hide them all over the house.

The wreath I made above our fireplace!

Christmas morning!! I know in another year or two it will be difficult to get Aidan to eat breakfast before opening presents so I enjoyed this!

warming up something in the microwave....

Nanni and Papa got Aidan a Fisher Price Little People Airport. It is actually very similar to the one I had when I was little!

He also got a bear that sings (in Nanni's voice) him a bedtime song.

Helping me open up my presents!

James got me a Georgia Southern University Frame for my diploma that matches the one I got him when he graduated! I can finally take it out of the filing cabinet and hang it in my office (aka Aidan's playroom)!!

We also got him a shopping cart to go with his kitchen.

He knew exactly what to do before we even had the wheels on!

This is how is goes in the Brodgon households....

Helping clean up all the wrapping paper!

Making friends with George, his bear.

Christmas day evening we went to my parents house! Aidan loved his present from Grammy and Papa Ike. A picnic table with umbrella and matching sand box! I can see hours of fun this spring and summer!!!

December 18, 2008


I am trying to get caught up with all the pictures! The holidays were so busy (and fun) this year, that I just could not do it. Here are all our pictures from Thanksgiving! We spent this Thanksgiving in Atlanta with James' family! We had a great time hanging out with the cousins, playing wii, shopping, and visiting the Georgia Aquarium!

Decorating for Christmas!

Bunco ornament exchange!