October 27, 2007

Atlanta in October

We went to Atlanta for the weekend and had a great time. We went for my friend Lauren's wedding and stayed with Julie and Brian. James parents were in town too. We had such a good weekend and can't wait to see everyone again soon!

Aidan sleeping before we even picked James up from work!

Picture time when we got to Julie's.

Aidan with all of his cousins. This was the first time he met Tyler and Sarah.

The Brogdon's.

Aidan with his Nanny and Papa.

I love my new hat from my cousin Daniel.

Daddy showing me the fish...

...and the birds.

My cousin Lauren took very good care of me.

Lauren, and Daniel, and Aidan playing together. I love to see the cousins playing together.

Aidan had so much fun with Lauren at the park.

James and Brian playing Nintendo.

The old crew from high school. Ashely, Tonya, Megan, and I. It was so nice to see everyone at the wedding. We had a great time! The wedding was so beautiful!

Time for a family picture.

My college roomate Lauren, Aidan and I.

My best friend from high school, Ashley and I.

My boys!
Amanda was such a good sport and hung out all night...even though she is due with her first baby any day now!

The beautiful bride, Lauren Nixon.

Baby fever???? Is Leigh next....

October 2, 2007

Beach Trip

It is hard to believe that this beach trip was a month ago. We had such a great time. I am sorry we haven't posted in a while. I had some technical difficulties. Enjoy all the new pictures!

We had a great weekend at the beach with our friends. Meredith and her son Peyton (who is 3 months younger than Aidan) and Aidan and I all went down to the beach Friday morning. We went to the grocery store and got naps in before the dad's got there just after lunch. Corey came down that night too. The weather was great. The boys all went golfing Saturday morning while the mom's and babies slept in....ok maybe not. But we stay in our PJ's until 10 or so. We grilled out and enjoyed staying up later and talking on the balcony. The weekend went by too fast. We can't wait to go again soon.

The boys in the car seats on the way down. This was the first time that either of them had another baby in the car with them. If one of them got upset and started crying, the other one did too. It was funny, but not something I would do everyday.

Finally after 2 1/2 hours we are free! Aidan and Peyton playing when we got to the house.

Aren't we cute?

Getting some rays in the pool. Our daddies are golfing so our mom's took us swimming.

There they are. Time for lunch and then the beach!!

But first a bath....

We got to take a bath together. It was so fun. We splashed and played together.

We drove to the beach. It is only a short 5 minute walk but the babies have too much stuff to carry.

Are we there yet? Why are we in the car again?

Aidan hanging out with Uncle Corey while mommy and daddy enjoyed the ocean. Not that is not a bottle. Bad uncle Corey....

Now you see us....

Now you don't. We played so well together and this screen kept the sand out of our eyes.

Just relaxing....it was a hard day.

Putting our feet in the Ocean for the first time.

Aidan warming up with mommy after putting his feet in the water.

These are our friends Meredith, Marshal, and Peyton. We always have such a good time together.

Nap time with Uncle Corey.

Enjoying the water.

Is it cold?

The sun wore this little boy out.

Look at those tan boys! We had a great day at the beach.

Goodnight boys! Roxy was babysitting. She took very good care of Peyton!


The daddies are looking a little sleepy...don't you think?

It is time to go home. We stopped to take a walk at Fort Fisher before we made the drive home.

What a great weekend!