May 26, 2010

8 Months Old....oops

Well, the twins are turning 9 months tomorrow. I do not know where the past month has gone. I have not even gotten around to posting their 8 month pictures, so I thought I should do that now, before they are 9 month old!

It is getting interesting trying to take pictures of them together.
Since they started crawling, they do not want to sit in one place for very long.
They both started moving around at 8 months. Landon started scooting first, and about a week later Gray followed.
They are a mess.
We love them dearly and can not imagine our lives without BOTH of them!
Boys, this past month you have started crawling....I mean scooting. If seems that you are following your big brother's lead and are a fan of the "Army Crawl". It is so funny to watch you move around.
You are FINALLY sleeping through the night, and gained 2 pounds each from March-the end of April and finally hit the 15 lb mark! Whoo hoo!
You have really started to interact too! You will play tug-of-war with toys, and also like to grab each others ears, noses, and other body parts that are within reach.
You are keeping us BUSY!

May 22, 2010


Sick Grayson
Sick Landon
Big Brother Aidan
I made a trip to the doctors with my threesome today.
Both Landon and Grayson have severe infections and
Gray is at the beginning phase of a respitory infection.
So, we are stuck at home trying to get better....
and trying to sleep.

Aidan was great for me at the doctors thanks
to his friend Thomas the Train.

And they did have a room big enough for my circus on wheels!

May 15, 2010


The twins love their big brother!
They love to laugh at him,
be held by him
pull his hair,
copy him,
play with his toys.....
and show off their new funny faces to him.

May 13, 2010


I bought the twins some puffs today for the first time.
I thought it would be fun to see if they had any interest in them.......

Apparently they did.

May 11, 2010

Dallas Trip

We had a wonderful trip to Dallas! We flew out on Thursday night and got home late last night. Our main reason we went was to meet Landon's doctors before his surgery next month. We were also able to spend some great quality time with our great friends who moved back to Dallas last year. The weekend was perfect and a great distraction from the reason we were there!!! (Isn't it great how many times I used the word great in this paprgraph?! :))

I thinkI saw people praying when they saw all 5 of us at the airport. I am sure this is the last group of people anyone would want to share a plane with! Not to mention we had 4 carry on bags, and two backpacks that aren't not pictured, in addition to our stroller, two car seats, and walking three year old!
Aidan was so excited to watch all the planes! I saw a new face of his, when we took off. He was so full of amazement. It was so fun watching him look out the window and then back at me with a grin ear to ear.
When we checked in they had moved James to the front of the plane with Grayson, and I sat in a row with these two and a stranger. Not ideal! Neither James or I could use each other for help. But, for the most part the twins did pretty good once they were asleep!
Giving Landon his lovie, such a good big bro!
Good-bye Grammy! Ha, ha.
Poor kid was exhausted when we got into town. He passed out in the car on the way to the Yates'.
The twins slept so well in Mallory's crib.
The next morning we got up and made a quick grocery run for the Great Wolf Lodge! Then we checked in and enjoyed the water park until our room was ready. Awesome, awesome place! We hope to made it a tradition! I took tons of pictures on a water camera and can't wait to get those pictures back!
Beautiful Mallory and her beautiful mommy!
After we played all day, we went back to the room, got cleaned up and went to dinner. The food was amazing!
Then it was time to head to the clocktower for story time in PJ's. The boys had a great time and listened to the whole show and story! Aren't they cute?
Aidan showing Peyton some love.
Mr. Wolf? (I think that was his name)
Bedtime story.
The next morning we woke up and headed back to the water park. Around lunch time we packed up and headed out.
The babies did this pretty much the whole weekend!
And the big boys did a lot of this...
Landon practiced his standing,
and jumping.
Grayson flirted with Mal and played in the saucer.
The big boys played with the water slide (including Marshall).
That was then....(June 28, 2009)
And this is now...(May 8, 2010)
(Missing Landon who was napping.)
and some Barney, before bed.
Marshall, James, Aidan and Peyton all went to Dick's and to eat Mexican on mother's day. Meredith and I stayed home with the three lil' ones.
When they got back, Meredith and I left all the kids with the dads and went to eat lunch. We enjoyed some great sushi, conversation, and cocktails!! Then we went shopping! I think it was pretty much the best mother's day so far!!!

And this is also what I got for Mother's Day! My sweet little babies went to sleep with me rocking them...together! They are getting so big that this just doesn't happen anymore. It was such a special moment, and I am so glad James snuck in and caught it with the camera!
Yesterday we met with two of Landon's doctors and they were both amazing. It was a crazy day, and I am so thankful to Meredith and her personal Mary Poppins for watching Aidan and Grayson. The last appointment ran a little later, so we rushed to the airport. It was a long day, but overall it went pretty well.

We flew home last night and the flight went so much better then they way there! We had the first two rows of coach all to ourselves! We were also able to bring on both car seats, so both babies slept pretty much the whole flight! Aidan watch Thomas and Barney 47 times and I read TWO magazines and had a glass  plastic cup of wine.

(I plan to update Landon's blog later this evening with our update after meeting with both surgeons!)