May 26, 2010

8 Months Old....oops

Well, the twins are turning 9 months tomorrow. I do not know where the past month has gone. I have not even gotten around to posting their 8 month pictures, so I thought I should do that now, before they are 9 month old!

It is getting interesting trying to take pictures of them together.
Since they started crawling, they do not want to sit in one place for very long.
They both started moving around at 8 months. Landon started scooting first, and about a week later Gray followed.
They are a mess.
We love them dearly and can not imagine our lives without BOTH of them!
Boys, this past month you have started crawling....I mean scooting. If seems that you are following your big brother's lead and are a fan of the "Army Crawl". It is so funny to watch you move around.
You are FINALLY sleeping through the night, and gained 2 pounds each from March-the end of April and finally hit the 15 lb mark! Whoo hoo!
You have really started to interact too! You will play tug-of-war with toys, and also like to grab each others ears, noses, and other body parts that are within reach.
You are keeping us BUSY!

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