January 29, 2010

Christmas in Savannah

Ok, so I need to back up and fill you in a little more about Lindsay's wedding weekend. Well, as I said, we left all three boys in Savannah with James' parents. Both of my sister-in-laws and my brother-in-law also came into town while we were at the wedding, and were extra hands to help with the twins. Aidan was a breeze and had a blast with his cousins, but the twins kept everyone.....busy. Turns out, no one slept and the babies cried pretty much the whole time. So while James and I were doing the chicken dance at the wedding, 5 adults were taking shifts with my babies. I owe everyone a drink (or 5)! 

I should warn you.....below you will see entirely too many  A LOT of pictures! If you do not like looking at family pictures, you might want to skip this post. I have to include all these pictures so the boys know how very special they are!

Here is Landon with his great-grandma and grandpa Brogdon. She is also a twin!
Sweet Grayson riding with daddy in the baby carrier.
Aidan loves Nanni's dogs Sissy and Alex. Roxy (our chihuahua) has been staying with Nanni as well since Thanksgiving, while we get into a routine with the babies. We miss her and can't wait to have her home, but we know she is being spoiled rotten and having a blast with her doggie friends!
Mimi (James' mom's mom) with one of the boys!
4 generations of Brogdon men. You can see where my boys get their good looks.
Sarah taking her shift at baby duty. This might be against some child labor laws in some states, so don't tell. We didn't pay her so we might be ok, but trust me, she worked hard as well!
Those smiles are forced.
Once again, forced smiles.
Yep, thats more like it.
Looks about right....
We are home!! And I missed my boys so, so much!!
My beautiful baby girl

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