January 5, 2010

4 Months Old

It is time again for boys monthly photo shoot. I say it every month, but where is the time going?
(and the DNA test WILL be done by their 5 month pictures, but I don't think I need the test results to know....)

Landon is on the left, but honestly, I can't tell in the picture above, I had to look at this one:

You are such a sweet heart and LOVE to cuddle. You love to nest your little face in mommy's neck when I rock you to sleep. You rolled over for the first time on New Years Day, and are trying to teach your older brother how to do the same. You are offically sleeping on your belly, and take longer naps as a result. You and your brother had your first sick visit to the Dr, but seem to be feeling better. I think you have forgotten that at night time, we sleep longer than an hour at a time....but we will work through it. This month you started "belly" laughing and it is the sweet sound in the whole world.

You are getting quite the little personality, a lot like your big brother, Aidan. I would probably describe you as "strong willed"! You do not like having a wet diaper, and will let us know when you are ready to be changed asap! You like to take cat naps because you don't want to miss a thing and that is ok with me (but we need to work on the night thing)! You are trying to roll over, but not quite there yet. Your new favorite thing is the exersaucer. You are such a good big brother and let Grayson suck on your hands whenever he likes. Daddy thinks you are going to be a fast little thing because you have a nice little arch in your foot! ;)
Mommy thinks you might be teething!!

Here are a few of Aidan at 4 months! Do you see a resemblance?

And here is the big guy today....getting ready to go back to preschool after Christmas break!!

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