January 31, 2010

5 Months Old and Snow Storm Day 2

We are 5 months old! And we are all bundled up like the kid from The Christmas Story just because mom wanted to get a picture of us in our first snow storm. Aren't we cute?
Check back tomorrow for the rest of their 5 months pictures and to see read what they are doing now.

Yes, this is Aidan putting snow on his baby brothers' head. How sweet.
{my loves}
This is how we do it in North Carolina. Pull some sleds behind Corey's 4-wheeler using ski ropes and ride around the neighborhood. I am not sure it is a North Carolina thing, or just a family thing. The guys (and Haley) were actually trying to figure out how to hook a rocking chair to the back of the 4-wheeler and pull it around. I would not be surprised if that is currently in the works.
{My angel making an angel}
We had a blast enjoying the snow the past two days. There is nothing like a snow storm in North Carolina. We got about 5 inches and the city shuts down! I am not complaining though, but word of advice- you better be stocked up with all the necessities: bread, milk, firewood, and beer. Oh, and don't be like us and get all the above listed and forget about diapers. Yeah, we did.

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