May 1, 2008

Enjoying the Warm Weather

Uncle Corey changing Aidan's diaper! Caught on camera!!

The boys at the driving range.

James is already training Aidan. Our future Pro.

Aidan in his car seat. We turned him forward at 13 months. Now he can look out the front windshield. I can also reach him now. He is such a big boy!

Today we went to the Spring Fling in Bedford (mom and dad's neighborhood). We had a great time. Aidan pushed his toy around and practiced walking.

Working on the wheels....

Some of my friends at our last wine tasting. I don't know what I would do without these women! I feel so thankful to have their friendships! We all met in our mom's group. We always have such a great time together, weather we are at playgroups with our babies, at a wine tasting, or at Bunco.

Playdate at the park!

Aidan and daddy brushing their teeth together. Good morning boys!

Aidan taking a nap with Aunt Haley when she came over after school. Her school is so close, she can walk here in the afternoons!

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