October 9, 2009

Hospital Pictures....

Here are the rest of the hospital pictures! I promise I am going to be up to do soon! (I just really want to have everything on here, and not skip anything. I am hoping there will be a way to print off blogs in a nice way to save as a journal for the boys!)

Aidan coming to meet his brothers! Aidan had a cold the week before the twins were born- complete with ulcers in his throat and a double ear infection. So...to be sure he was 100% we did not let him come and see the boys until they were 3 days old! I missed him so much! James left a few times to go spend time with him, so that was nice. When I saw him for the first time he looked so big. (Especially after changing these little diapers for 3 days!)
So sad some of these came our blurry. We had our camera on a weird setting.
This is the first time Aidan met the boys! Wow, that was interesting. He was not a fan. Actually cried....alot....whenever we put them near him. It was pretty funny.
I wish you could see what was happening here. Aidan was actually using his elbows to push away the boys. He would not even use his hand to touch them. James calls these his "chicken wings". :)

Awful pic, but had to include it!
These were the next day....he actually sat down on the bed with them and gave Grayson his paci!

Making sure Aidan gets plenty of love!!!

Mom with the boys as we were packing to go home!!
Leaving our room after 5 days! So excited to be taking our newest baby boys home!

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