October 13, 2009

I wish I was a photographer!

This year for Mothers Day/Fathers day/Birth Present/ James and I decided to purchase a new camera. Ours mysteriously broke (I wont name who, but let just say the only reason he did not get in trouble is because he is the cutest 2 year old I know). We decided to get a Nikon D40. I found a great deal, and we got tons of accessories to go with it. I have to admit I have yet to read the manual, I mean who has time to read. :) I love taking pictures of my kids and I love the new camera! I wish I knew how to do more. I basically just click and load them into the computer. Sometime I will hit one button and make them black and white. Other than that I am clueless! One goal of mine is to learn how to use my camera. I told James I would love to take a photography class....(hint, hint...hello Christmas is coming up!).

Once again, I had one happy baby, and one sleeping baby. Here are a few of Grayson.

I managed to catch a little grin!

When Landon woke up, I tried to get some of the two of them. This is what happened. :) (Landon is the one crying.)

Love that they are holding hands, wish they didn't have their pacis.
And that's a wrap folks! ha, ha.

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