October 12, 2009

Aidan is coming around

James was able to snap a few of mommy with her little boys. Aidan has just now gotten to the point where he will even get within 3 feet of the boys, so we do not have any good ones with him and the boys. I was so proud of him that he even smiled for these!
And then he got closer.....
Too close! I think a baby moved and it scared him! :)
Left these out from the last post and wanted to include them. This was the twins 3rd dinner out- Mexican! Mommy got a Margarita! It was SO SO good!
My little man does not need mommy anymore.
The family.
Haley will probably get mad at me for posting this, but I doubt she reads the blog, so she might not know! :) This is a picture of Haley with a volleyball. Duh.... Anyways, look at the ball closely and you will see it says "Haley....Homecoming....?". Well Haley was asked to the Homecoming Dance by a boy named Matt. He tossed her the ball at school and this was how he asked her. How sweet is that? We all really like Matt, he is a very sweet boy. He is also a friend of Tim's so he is around the house a lot. What are her big brother and brother in law going to think about her dating??? Oh, lord!
Aidan and I have not been able to do a lot of crafts since the boys came home because things have been very busy! This day, I somehow got one baby into a pretty deep sleep and put the other baby in the sling. (Need to get a picture of the sling). So anyways, I got out all Aidan's paints and brushes and we had a blast painting on canvas. The finished product will hang in his playroom! I can't wait for James to hang it up!

Grayson wide eyed and awake!

When the boys woke up, they were really awake and alert. This is just starting to happen on a regular basis. Most of the time they are crying-but I wont get into that now. Happy thoughts! :)
Like I said, Aidan is just now getting comfortable with the boys and this day he actually touched Grayson without being forced! Time for some pictures!!
My oldest and youngest! :)

Then Landon woke up, so his turn. I could not get any of all three because by the time I starting taking pictures of Aidan and Landon, Grayson was ready to eat. Next time!
Landon on the left, and Grayson on the right!

Had to include this! If you look, Grayson is sucking Landons fingers! I walked over to them sleeping in the bassinet and found this:
Time to eat......again.

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