October 12, 2009

Family Pictures~ Tim's Bday

We celebrated Tim's 15th birthday at PJ Change for family dinner. Yum! I love their food! The twins did great, once again. This was our 4th dinner out (Carlina Ale House, Mexican, Macaroni Grill, and PF Change). We have not had to get them out of their car seats once during these meals. Aidan also has been such a good, big boy. He sits with his uncles or his aunt, and I honestly forget he is there because he is so independent these days. I have to admit, I am liking it! :) We rarely take family pictures, so mom and I convinced everyone to take a few.

Once we got home, the photo shoot started. I don't know how we got the guys to be so patient with us, but I am so glad we did. These pictures will one day be priceless and I am so glad when we remember to get group shots! This was my favorite of all 10 of us! Just the Ten of us! Remember that show? Seriously, everyone is looking....AND smiling! Will this ever happen again? Probably not! Ha!
The Bubac 6

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