October 7, 2009

July 09

July was a busy, busy month. James' mom was here for 3 weeks helping me get ready for the babies and day-to-day chores that I wasjust too tired and big to do. :) My sister-in-law Julie came into town for a few days with Lauren and Daniel, Mom and Haley each celebrated birthdays, and on the 31st I officially made it to my goal of 34 weeks. If the babies tried to come anytime after the 31st the docs would let them come and not try to stop labor. I still wanted to make it to 36 weeks to lesson the chance of NICU time. Here is a photo montage of our busy month:

Aidan helping his dad with some yard work. Anything that blows or sucks air, or sounds like a vacuum, is called a vacuum to Aidan. Even my coffee bean grinder, because it sounds like one. So here is Aidan vacuuming the street.

Time for some pool fun. I had alot of these days during the end of the summer waiting for my boys to come. It was the only way I could stand the heat. I would pull a chair up to Aidan's baby pool and put my feet in the water. :)
Water slide???
Nice hair dude!

I had to include this....James and Aidan love to play catch. Aidan is still learning how to catch smaller balls.
And sometimes this happens. Yes, I caught this picture right before the football hit Aidan smack in the face. Luckily it was a soft ball, and he wasn't hurt. :)
4th of July Parade! We had so much fun decorating Aidan's wagon and walking in the parade. Well, by we, I mean I. For some reason the decorations would not stick with tape to Aidan's wagon, so the whole time we were walking picking up flags, trying to get them to stick. It was still fun though and Aidan loved being in the parade!

After the parade we had a full all-day pool event with the family! There was a DJ at the pool, we grilled and swam, and I floated! Ahhhh, so nice when you are carrying around 10 lbs of baby!
Aidan had so much fun he passed out in Grammy's arms at the pool. This just does not happen with a 2 year old!
Time for fireworks...and Pop Rocks!
He had so much fun throwing the Pop Rocks and listening to the POP.

Aidan has been in his big boy bed for a few months now, but he just started getting out of bed at nap time.
We have a Jack n Jill bathroom between Aidan's room and the twins room. I snuck through the twins room and through the bathroom to catch Aidan out of bed, trying to sneak out of his room! Busted!
Aidan started his first organized sport this month. We signed him up for soccer with some of his friends and he loves it!
Stretching before practice with his buddy Davin.
He can run, and kick, and jump, and get all his energy out!
At the end of each practice they get into a huddle and do this...

Our good friend Natalia turned 2 this month and had her birthday party at the Marbles kids museum in Raleigh. We love going to the museum!
The birthday girl!

All the boys playing with the train.
Grammy also had her birthday!
She turned.....21!
July was a very hot month. We hit a few record highs well over 100 degrees. We tried to find different activities to stay inside and busy. Mall play area is always fun, but too crowded for my liking.
So we made our way over to Barnes and Noble to read and play with the train set.
Aidan love the train set and is asking Santa for his own train this year.
Aidan was so happy to see his cousins Lauren and Daniel when they came to visit. He was also excited about this.....
Daniel passed down his power wheel to Aidan and he LOVES it!

Pool day at 33 weeks. Only 1 week to go to my goal!
We loaded all the kids up and went to Pullen Park one day. We road the train....
and the boats....
and the carrosal!
Next month.....BABIES!

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