October 21, 2009


I have finally started feeling like we are getting into a routine. I have yet to make a home cooked meal during the week, but I have been able to get laundry done, do the dishes, and keep the house clean during the day. Aidan has actually been a pretty big helper, and will run to soothe the babies when one starts to cry. It buys me a few seconds so I can finish dishes or folding clothes. I can't wait until the boys are old enough to play with Aidan, they will be best friends!

We have been having a lot of tummy time! The boys just love it and are getting really good at controlling their heads. Then also kick their feet and will actually scoot over the boppy pillow. So strong!

LandonWhen Aidan isn't helping, he is usally making a mess! :) He took it upon himself to get a snack.....

We have been making a lot of fires the past few weeks. It got really cold, really fast. The twins LOVE to lay in front of the fireplace and watch the fire.

It is getting close to Halloween and we are busy getting the costumes together. Aidan and I have also made some Halloween cookies, and today painted a Halloween picture.

Last week we "Boo'ed" our neighbors! How it works if you fill up a bag (any type, but I got some cute Boo sets at Walmart) with treats, stickers, penciles, etc- age appropritae things. I also included some cookies! Then you put the bag on a neighbors front port, ring the bell, and run. Make sure you leave them directions on how to "Boo" someone new! You can get a ghost printout online that says "I've been Boo'ed" include it in the bag, so they can hang the sign in the window, so others know who has been boo'ed. It is something cute to do for neighbors. Click here to read how you can "Boo" your neighbors!

This was actually out first attempt at "Boo'ing" our neighbors. They weren't home. :( So, the next night James and Aidan tried again. I actually video-ed and it is so funny! James went to the door rang the bell, and ran. He started back towards the house a few minutes later, and I told him they didn't come to the door. Maybe they didn't hear the bell? So, he tried again. This time he knocked, and right as he did, we could see them in the window. So...he ran again. Well, once again, they didn't come to the door. He came in and called them and told them we were trying to "Boo" them and to place answer their door. We didn't want them to think someone was pranking them! Ha! The next day the boys came over and thanked me for the treats. Didn't go as planned, but it was cute!

Aidan's preschool has a fire safety day last week! A firetruck came to the school on Wednesday for all the kids to see. Since Aidan has school on Tuesday and Thursdays, we were invited to come on Wednesday to walk through the truck. This was my first outing with all 3, alone! I got everyone fed, packed up, and out the door. I wasn't out of the neighborhood and it started raining! Ugh! We were NOT turning aroung and going home. So, we headed to school. By the time we got there it was only sprinkeling. I was able to park right next to the firetruck as no one was there except the kids who were in school. So, I opened the doors and left the babies in the van. Aidan was able to climb in and explore the truck all by himself! It was great!

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