October 23, 2009

Terrible 2's or just a bored big bro?

What am I going to do with him? These were taken yesterday! I was feeding the boys and starting smelling pepper. I even sneezed! I didn't know why until I got up and walked into the kitchen. Aidan was less than 5 feet from me, in eye site the whole time driving his car on the kitchen table and chairs. Well, he somehow got the pepper and thought it would be fun to pour over his car. He then drove his car through the pepper, and poured some more! There was pepper everywhere! I had to strip him down and mop the kitchen! What a mess!

While I was cleaning up the pepper, Aidan got into wipes! He once again took out every wipe from the package, one by one and threw them on the floor!

And....that is not all! Today he got the trash bag out of the trash can in the kitchen and dumped it all over the floor! And he could not dump it on the tile for easy clean up, he dumped it on the carpet! We now have brown streaks in the carpet from the coffee grinds that were in the bag! He is a STINKER!

*******Edited to add. While I was typing this post, Aidan poured his milk on the kitchen floor to drive his truck through. I walked over and said 'Aaaaidddan" and he said...

"It spilled!"

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Serial Mommy said...

my 3 1/2 year old is doing similar things...lately he has taken to ripping apart anything book like, which includes catalogs and magazines, it is VERY frustrating because he ripped up 2 library books! i keep hoping he'll outgrow it soon! i'm thinking "he won't go to college ripping them up, he WILL stop"