October 13, 2008

Marbles Kids Museum

I took Aidan to the Marbles Kids Museum for the first time, and he had a blast! The museum is downtown Raleigh and has a variety of activities for children of all ages. The area where we played was closed in so the little ones could roam around without getting away, as they often try to do. Aidan played and played.

Aidan loved this car and all the wheels! This car was painted for the museum by Maaco!

Great advertising picture, don't you think? After months of play it still looks great! (And so will your car. Call 919-872-6380 for a free estimate. Kidding! But seriously, dad did paint it.)

Aidan went grocery shopping and it looks like he wanted turkey for dinner.
Natalia preferred a taco.

And Peyton was afraid of the turkey....

Time to check out...

Dress Up

The firetruck was Aidan's favorite! Ok, so it was really my favorite. He looked so cute in the jacket!

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