September 2, 2008

Fourth of July in Tennessee

We enjoyed 6 days in Tennessee over the fourth of July. James and I loaded Aidan up at 3am, yes, you read that right, on the 2nd for the drive to Pikeville, Tennessee. The drive was a little over 8 hours and we figured this would be the best time to leave, and hoped that Aidan would sleep for the first few hours. Well, he did! We didn't make our first stop until 7am, and were already half way there. He was an angel the whole way, I could not believe it! I think I complained more than he did and kept asking "Are we there yet"? We were there by 10:30 am! I can't say the drive home went as well. We hit the rest of the holiday traffic, rain in the mountains, and construction (who does road work on a Holiday weekend?). But we made it home safe and had a great week!!

The morning we got there, enjoying the view. This was the first time we had been to the new house in Tennessee!

The creek on the property. In the past this was used as the town Baptism Branch! Now all the grand kids swim here when they come to visit!

Aunt Mary's Rhino. James and I left Aidan with Nanni and went for a ride around the property.

View from the back of the property. You can see the house on the bottom right.

On the second day, all the boys went golfing. They had a big group of cousins and uncles and were gone almost all day. So, the girls got all the kids together and went to the lake.

His favorite toy ever!! (I bought this at Target for $1. I have been hunting to get some more as "backups" but I can't find them anywhere. If anyone ever sees one, pick it up and I will pay you $5!! :) He loves this truck and it goes everywhere with us! He even sleeps with it in his crib).

A new truck from Nanni...

Eating his first ice cream cone. Mmmm, mmmm, good!

Trip to the grocery store. Aidan and Daniel rode in this car in front of the shopping cart. I need one of these every place I go!

Meeting the horses on the farm. We were not sure how this would go, because Aidan is going through a phase, a really long phase, where he is afraid of anything bigger than him or anything that makes a noise he isn't familiar with. He let's out a terrifying scream, that makes me want to laugh, but is so sad. We are working on it...

He was not a fan at first. But surprisingly he didn't cry. I did have nail marks in my arm though from him holding me so tight!

He never touched them, and this is as close as he got, but he did warm up to them a little.

Ok, mom....that's enough.

Taking a bath in Nanni's cool bath tub. This was very fun! He loves bath time.

Playing peak-a-boo with his cousin Lauren.

She was a great helper and loved to play with Aidan! I love this picture of them!

Aidan giving hugs, or as we say, cuddle.

Hanging out with Papa and Uncle Brain on the back porch.

Up to something, I'm sure.

Another first...a Popsicle. It felt so good on his gums!

Bath time again after the Popsicle.

The cousins playing down by the creek. Next year Aidan will be old enough to play with them!

The girls.

Julie and Brain.

Julie and Lisa.

When we packed, we forgot to take something to put Aidan in. He has outgrown the exersaucer, so it didn't occur to us, we might want a way to contain him, other than the pack n play where he sleeps. So....James and I drove to the next county to find a Walmart and to buy this walker. It was definitely worth it!

James and his sister Lisa.

Family pictures!

Aidan also cuddled with Daniel. I was actually holding Aidan and Daniel was sitting next to us on the couch. Aidan climbed out of my arms and laid on Daniel. It was the sweetest thing. Daniel just let Aidan lay on him!

Daniel with Nanni's glasses on!

Happy Forth of July!!

Maybe Papa can teach you how to walk????

James had a great idea, we all dressed in red, white, and blue. Very patriotic! (Ok, it was my idea and he was a good sport).

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