October 13, 2008

Labor Day Beach Trip 2008

We took another beach trip over labor day weekend! This weekend was also the kick off to college football season. We wore our colors and supported BOTH of our teams, who were playing each other. We could not be at the game with our friends, but we were there in spirit. Even though we missed the game, we had a great weekend!!!

Georgia was playing Georgia Southern. Aidan and I wore Georgia colors and James wore Georgia Southern colors. This game was not televised in North Carolina, so we could only get game info online and from friends. But don't worry, the guys were able to watch plenty of other games later that day!

Beach time. This was the first time we had been back to the beach since Aidan starting walking. It was pretty amusing watching him trying to walk in the sand.

Giving Aidan a pep talk. He wasn't a fan of the waves at first. He got over his fear quickly and was running all over the beach.

He loves to put his arm around everyone and you will see a lot of this in pictures I will be posting of the last month or so.

Our best family friends, The Yates. If you follow this blog, you have seen a lot of them!

There goes that arm again.

Here are the boys on our first beach trip together in September 2007. This was almost a year ago!

Plumbers Crack!

Just like Uncle Corey! Just kidding.

We submitted this picture for the newspaper and think they really should have printed it. But they didn't, so we are trying again with a fall picture.
We took a pool to the beach so the babies could "swim".

Trying to to a nap but it was not happening!

The men with their babies. Peyton, Marshall, James, and Aidan

Aidan (18 months) & Peyton (15 months)

Aidan at almost 7 months, and Peyton at almost 4 months!

Corey, Travis, and Timmy all came to join us on Saturday.

Time to go home. It is always a fun time at the beach!
Aidan pushing Brooke around the house.

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