October 13, 2008

Fun Weekends with the Family

Our library had a special Rhyme Time this past Saturday so dads could go. This is the first time James has been. I think he was pretty amused. When I asked him what he thought later that day, he said it was kind of "cult-ish". I can only imagine in the eyes of a dad, how funny it must look at first. A room full of moms and toddlers signing together songs about shaking our sillies out and some guy named Willaby Wallaby. But I have to say, I did catch him signing a long a few times. I do think the whole experience rubbed off on him. Last night when I turned on the Wiggles (the show where many of the songs we know are from) James even started dancing! At first it was really funny. Then a few minutes later, Aidan and I were dancing together in the living room, I turned around and James was in the kitchen doing the "robot"!! Ha, ha. Sorry honey, your secret is out!!

Aidan and James at the library.
Fall is here! Saturday after the library, we went over to the Yates' house. Meredith and I took the boys for a nice wagon ride while James and Marshal watched football (are you surprised).

Nicholas Sparks came to Raleigh last week for a book signing like he does every year. The signing wasn't scheduled to start until 7pm, but mom and I went around noon to see if he happened to show up early, as he normally does. After waiting for 2 hours in Barnes and Nobel, we finally got our new books signed and a picture!

Haley started her freshman year in High School this year! Scary, I know! She made the JV Volleyball team (pictures coming soon). Maaco became a sponsor for the High School's Athletic Department. As a thanks to sponsors, the school gives them passes to all the home athletic games. We have been able to attend the Volleyball games without paying admission, which works out well when Aidan decides he wants to leave early. We also have gone to two Friday night football games as a family! This past Friday was Sponsor Appreciation Night. Before the game they catered food for all the sponsors and had a recognition ceremony during half time. We actually stayed for the entire game! For the last quarter of the game Aidan slept in mom's arms as she rocked him. He has not fallen asleep like that in months!

Dad showed up at the game very early to get prime parking. He is parked about 50 feet from the main gate here. Every person who came to the game had to pass the "Maaco Mobile" to get in.

Aidan enjoyed his pizza when the game started. This kept him busy for an entire quarter!

Dad ordered everyone matching Maaco shirts. Corey looks like he is having a blast, doesn't he?

The Maaco clan.

The following day, we participated in the "Walk to Cure Lupus", in support our good friend Kathy. There was a great turnout of families from the mom's group who have grown close over the past year. After the walk, we went to Kathy and Todd's for a cookout.
This is why Peyton loves me. I give him cookies!!

Notice Aidan's arm, like clockwork.

Aidan sharing his cookie with his dad.

Last week was rough for Aidan. He came down with a fever which highest spike was 104.2. After visiting the doctor twice, many calls to the advice nurse, and 3 sleepless nights, they were able to see uclers on the back of his throat. He would not eat or drink for days. Needless to say he did not see any of his friends for a week and was forced to stay home all week with his mom. By the 3rd day, I think he was tired of me and very bored! Meredith sent us a video of Peyton dancing one morning that she posted on YouTube. Aidan seriously watched it 10 times, over and over. He would look at the computer and laugh. I know he did not understand why his friend was in our computer, but all that mattered was that he saw another person besides his mom!

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