October 13, 2008

Haley's 15, Trip to Atlanta, Gymnastics

Happy Birthday Haley! Haley turned 15 on July 25th. She celebrated her birthday with a Cheeseburger Birthday Cake! Very creative cake. Now for the warning, if you live in the Raleigh area, stay off the roads!!! Haley is learning to drive. She took (and passed) Drivers Ed and got her learners permit. Congrats sis!

Aidan playing in his back yard!

He is all boy!

Bubble time at the library. We took a break from going to Rhyme Time for several weeks after Aidan had a major melt down. Aidan wanted to push the stroller around the room which he was not allowed to do because the were other children trying to enjoy Rhyme Time. He was kicking and screaming and crying. It was so bad another mom (that I did not even know) told me "Good Luck". Nice huh. I am now on the hunt for some good books on Strong-Willed Children. Mom has been telling me he was strong-willed since he was months old. I think I was in denial. Well that has passed, and now I can't deny it anymore. Aidan knows what he wants, when he wants it, and will let you know too! Help!!!

Leaving the library and not looking back!!!!!!!

We had a bunch of friends over to celebrate our new house. James felt really cool because we got a keg (of beer). I had to remind him that this was not really a keg, like the old college days, but a 1/4 of a keg. He would be happy to say that it was empty by the end of the night. We had about 50 people over including my family, friends from our moms group, friends of James at work, and old and new neighbors. It was a great night!
Uncle Corey thought he was so funny staging this picture.

After everyone left and Aidan was asleep, James, Corey, and I stay up late talking outside.

We went out to eat Mexican with 2 of our family friends. We put the babies at the end of the table and it actually worked out great. They played and we were able to talk and eat without little hands grabbing our food or drinks!

Aidan encouraging Peyton by applause. The boys know they are not allowed to stand on the truck, but it is more fun when they do things they are not supposed to do.

Head massage.

Time for bed!

We have tried for months to get Aidan to wear hats. He wont wear his hat, but he put James' hat on his head all by himself, then turned it backwards.

It is very hard to do laundry these days because Aidan likes to play dress up. By the time I get a good pile of clothes folded, they are on the floor courtesy of A.J. Here is an idea of what laundry day is like in the Brogdon home....(notice all the miscellaneous clothes on the floor in the background).
We start with the socks......


Next the shirt....looks like Roxy is ready to help.

I'm ready!!!

Another fun thing to do, that we found recently, is Jumping Beans. It is a place that has 2 large inflatable play areas that even the parents can play in. On Wednesday mornings they let children under 2 play by themselves before all the big kids can come in!

The slide was his favorite!! He went down the first time in my lap, and then the second time he pushed me away and went down all by himself! Now he won't let me go down with him.

Coming down the slide!

We took a long weekend trip to one of my pledge sister's weddings in Atlanta. (Aidan's 7th if you are counting). The wedding was so much fun and it was great to be reunited with some close friends! After the wedding James went back to our hotel with Aidan and Lindsay's boyfriend, Justin. They watched football while we went out for a night on the town like old times!

Reading a book to mom.

Aidan prefers to read his books upside down.

Or use them as a pillow.

We were able to spend a little time with James parents and Julie's family too!

The Wedding....

Aidan pushed his favorite truck over the edge at the reception!!!

RIP truck! (The truck was later saved)

The girls! This was the first time all the roommates have been together since my wedding, 2 years ago!!!!

Aidan finally got to meet Ashley!!!
I signed Aidan and Brooke up for a gymnastics class on Tuesday mornings for 5 weeks! It was a free class offered by Timmy's gymnastics studio. The class for only for 1 year olds and they were able to have free roam of the gym and jump of the trampoline and play with a variety of balls, cones, and mats!

When we got home, Aidan thought it was still gymnastics time.

Just hanging out with mom.

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