October 13, 2008

Frye Family Reunion in the Tennessee Mountains

In the beginning of September we took a trip to the Tennessee Mountains for the Frye Family Reunion. It was a special trip and something new then we had done in the past. Uncle Bob found a great cabin that slept 25, so we all could stay at the same place! We had a house full of family including; Papa and Grandma; Aunt Sue, Kara, Rich, Ryan and Jake; Uncle Bob, Aunt Katie, Taylor and Zach; Mom, Dad, Haley, Timmy and Corey; and James, Aidan and I. We missed everyone else who could not make it, and hope everyone can make the next one!! We left on Thursday night and drove for 4 hours, just outside of Ashville, NC. Then we got up the next morning and made the remaining 4 hour drive. We actually stayed in a town not too far from James parents so we were able to meet them for breakfast Friday morning. They kept Princess Roxy while we were at the cabin! We had a fun weekend full of late night talks on the deck, hanging out by the camp fire and in the hot tub, games of "Shut the Box", and of course football! Ryan and Rich went fishing and Ryan caught some fish, but I don't think his dad did. :( Maybe next time Rich!! Enjoy the pictures:

On the day we left we all met at Maaco. All the kids wanted to ride with James and I, so we drove the Suburban. Mom and Dad drove our car after a little "bend in the road" kept them from taking mom's jeep. (Still a sensitive subject, but you can ask Haley what happened!) While I was loading the car, Aidan was sitting my the door watching me make trips. When I came back in, he had not only found a snack bag, but opened it, emptied if all over the floor, and helped himself to some goldfish. The look on his face was priceless!

Kara and I when we got to the cabin!

Aidan and Jake were able to spend some time together finally! The last time they were together they were barely even sitting! Their bath was very entertaining.

Enjoying the camp fire Rich made us!

Uncle Corey and James hung out with Aidan a lot so I could visit! They didn't mind. Here they are watching a football game!

Timmy and Ryan playing Shut the Box. This was a popular game over the weekend.

Aunt Sue playing....Shut the Box.....

Grandma's turn! I think she won every single game!

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