March 1, 2010


We have never been to the Circus. We tried to go last year, but we had schedule conflict. The year before Aidan was too young, the year before I was pregnant. I was so excited when we decided to go this year!
And so was he:
We talked about going to the circus for days before!
James, Aidan, and I went with some friends. We were able to get free tickets for the kids, and had the whole row reserved for our group! The kids were so good and had a great time!
I was so proud of Aidan. He sat and watched the whole show! 2 hours long!!
He talked and talked about what he saw on the way home until he passes out.
The next morning he was still talking about the elephants, tigers, and bears. (I think he dreamed the bears part up, because there we not any bears there.) Silly boy.
Now seriously, how do they get those elephants to do that??

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