March 3, 2010

Bath Time

James had to work late one night, so I attemped to bathe the boys alone. Bathing them alone isn't a big deal, I do it about once a week, however, I got the bright idea to bathe them at the same time. Alone. Let's just say I got a little ahead of myself, and somehow I forgot that there is only one of me, and two of them. Needless to say, I will NEVER try to bathe two infants in the sink at the same time again. I long for the day these two can climb into the bath tub with their older brother and we can do an assembly line of washing body parts. Or until we can take them out back and just hose them off. :)
But for now (no pun intended), I will continue to wash these little butts one at a time and enjoy every single second of it.
Because time is going by way to quickly, and before we know it, we will be chasing these little feet all over the house.
For your humor (and so I can look back and remind myself why I will never do this again) here is how it played out.

Got both babies naked and sat them in the "staging area".
One peed in his brand new high chair while I was running the water. Nice.
One baby in. Two babies in.
This is where is got interesting. Neither baby could sit up in the sink without my help. So I had one hand on each baby trying to hold them up, and no hands left to wash them. So...I took Landon out of his bath. Bathed Grayson's then switched. While I was washing Landon, Grayson peed all over his clean towel.
Or it could have been while I tried to take some butt pictures. Not sure.
He was the only one smiling when it was all over. The rest of us were crying.

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