June 29, 2011

First Day of Preschool

The twins had their first day of PRESCHOOL yesterday! They were so excited and very proud of their little backpacks. I have to say, they looked super cute. 
 This picture cracks me up  because they look so big. But, when I sit here in my living room and look at them running around in their little onesies, I would swear they are 9 months old. I still just think of them as little babies. I guess that is probably because there are two of them, and because they are the 2nd and 3rd child. Time had just flow by, and I just cant not wrap my head around the fact they are almost TWO.
They are doing a little summer preschool program where Aidan went a couple summers. All three boys will actually go two days a week together. I am so excited for the twins to meet some new little friends and for Aidan to spend time with his friends too.


Melissa said...

My twin boys just started pre-school last week too! xoxo

The Branches said...

oh my word they are just PRECIOUS! I have a twin sister and we both are 30 yikes! We both had boys within a couple months of each other too...nothing like being a twin ;)