September 13, 2011

My boys have an unhealthy obsession with flies.

I am not sure why, but my boys think all flying insects are "bees".
So often I hear, "Mommy, bee!!", "Bee, bee, bee!!!!", etc. When I run to them, armed with my fly swatter, ready to protect my boys from a painful bee sting, I usually find nothing more than a fly.

Our weekends are typically spent grilling, riding bikes in the driveway, playing inside then outside, and doors are almost always left open.
Our Monday's usually start with several annoying flies taking over the house like they own it.


So this morning, I decided to let the boys have their way with the fly that kept buzzing in my ear this morning as I made breakfast.

First they planned their attack:
 Landon seemed to be the one they voted to take the fly out. He tried pounding him with his fist....
 When that didn't work, Landon and Gray decided teamwork would be a better approach, and they came in at different angles.
 But, that thing was quick....and kept getting away.
 So for now, this fly will continue to drive me crazy until sometime around Wednesday morning when I find him and his buddies on a window sill someplace in the house....
Good effort boys. At least you were entertained for about 20 minutes this morning.

{No flies were hurt or killed during this activity.}

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