September 15, 2011

The Twins Turned Two!!

We had the twins party at The Little Gym. It was a great place to have a party, and super easy for us. The twins turned two on the day of the party, and the day that North Carolina got hit with Hurricane Irene. We were waiting to see if the party would go on, and thankfully it did!
 The staff was amazing and took care of everything.
It was so nice to just sit back and play with the boys....and take pictures of course. 

Landon on his big day! Happy 2nd Birthday sweetie!! We love you!
When people ask if we have a more dominate twin, I always laugh and answer, yes!
Landon is the feistiest of my boys.
He is stubborn.
He is fast.
He is also very tough.
Sometimes I feel bad when I just automatically think of him as the "bad" twin. He is not always that bad. I mean, sure he starts most of the fights... But that same spirit is what made him so strong during the past year. So, I am thankful that he is a little fighter- although we really have to work on the hair pulling and wrestle mania moves with his brothers.
He really is super smart. He talks in sentences most of the time, and he quickly learning his colors. I can't wait to see what the future holds (hopefully preschool very, very soon!!) I love you, Landy!

And here is Grayson, on his big day!
Grayson is my sensitive one.
He is sweet and a true boy's boy-
I can totally picture him in 20 years as a man's man!
He will most definitely be a football player!
If I had a passive child- and I am not sure I do- but, if I did, it would be Grayson.
He is my "good" twin- most days, but he is also becoming quite a little stubborn guy himself. He is usually the one who ends up with a bloody nose from rough play with his brothers. When him and his twin brother get together, anything is possible. If I had to guess though, he is the follower of most of the mischief these two get into- thanks, Gray! 
Gray is smart too, and it is so fun to watch his little mind grow! And boy, does he have some dance moves! He will make one girl very happy (and possibly embarassed) one day!! 
Grayson has these precious little lips that I love to kiss!! I love you Gray! Happy 2nd Birthday!!

It is so hard to believe these guys are TWO! Landon and Grayson, you have brought so much joy and love into our lives (and some drama too, of course)!
We all love you so much and can't wait to watch you grow!!

{And, please, I am begging you..... don't make the twos too terrible.}

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