June 17, 2011

Decorating the new house

We are unpacked, and after only living here 6 weeks, that is pretty impressive for us. Even before we signed the dotted line at closing, I was already obsessively secretly decorating the new house in my mind.
I have only hung a few pictures, but overall it is looking like home.
Except...for the office. So, I have been "window shopping" for ideas online. Since I am surrounded by boys in this house, I thought it would be fun to make the office very shabby chic. I think I want to turn the closet into my little sewing room, a cozy little place that I can go and shut the door to be alone call my own. 

My inspiration:
 My favorite part of this room has to be the chandelier!
I love how girlie this room is. Can you tell the walls are actually painted pink? Not sure if I would be brave enough to do that....but it looks great in this room!

I love how this closet was turned into a little study area. My closet in the office is bigger, and pretty deep.
I think it would make a great sewing area and may try doing something similar.
Can't wait to get this project started!


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