July 24, 2010

Pool Days

It has been so hot here in NC. I just read the morning news online, and with the heat index, it was 111 here yesterday! And to think my hubby was outside running on his lunch break. Can you say heat stroke?

We had a great week! Haley and I took all three boys to the pool before family dinner one night. We went around 5pm, and it was perfect! We hall had a great time. Aidan practiced jumping into the pool, and the boys just floated around in their little floats. Since Haley is out of school for the summer, she has been able to help me quite a few times with the boys. It has been great! I have been able to do things like this, that I just can't do with all three by myself. We love you Aunt "Hay-lee"!
We are so excited it is the weekend again! Aidan has soccer this morning, and we might head back to the pool this afternoon! Being at the pool is just about the only way you can be outside for more than 17 seconds. Have a great weekend!

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