September 23, 2009

March 09

My little man turned two in March! What a bad mom I am not updating the blog with this big event! We had a fun Birthday Parade Party at the house with friends!

The weekend after Aidan's birthday, I packed up and went to Atlanta-all by myself- to see these lovie ladies! This was the first time I had left Aidan to go anywhere. I had a wonderful time with the girls. Here are some shots from Nichole's baby shower.
Lauren brought her new baby twins so I could get some practice! Colton and Cameron are beautiful!
The mommy-to-be! We were pregnant at the same time this year!
After Tristian and the twins get here, we will have 6 kids between all of us!
We were lucky enough to spend more time with Lauren and the twins when they came to North Carolina the following week! I can't believe that in a few short months, this will be a common sight at our house!

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