September 23, 2009

April 09

We spent Easter in Savannah with James side of the family. James' parents neighborhood had a wonderful Easter Egg Hunt for the kids! Aidan met the Easter bunny again, and actually liked him a little more this year. I wasn't sure how that reunion would go, but he did great! I spent a girls day with my sister-in-laws getting our hair done, and it was so nice to get away from the kids for a little while! I love my new "mom" cut and know it will be so much easier when the boys come!

Aidan with some of his cousins!

When we got back home, we went to hang out with my family. Uncle Corey was so sweet and made Aidan an Easter Basket! He is the best Uncle ever!!!
Two Peas in a Pod!

I had a couple of these pictures printed for Aidan and Corey. Aidan would not let the picture out of his sight....he even slept with it!
Here is Aidan-sleeping in his new BIG BOY bed! Notice what is in his right hand....
My little monster!
We decided it was time to do some yard work this spring!

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