September 22, 2009


How we shared the news with The Brogdon family that baby #2 was on the way....
We called our BIL who was in Savannah with the rest of the Brogdon's celebrating New Years. James and I had Christmas this year with my family in North Carolina, so we were home. We told Brain that we needed him to get everyone in front of the computer, and that we were sending a email. We sent the following pictures through a slideshow. Very ironic now, as we had no idea that we were having twins. We even have a video of their reactions I will find and post. It is so funny that they actually thought we were saying that we were having twins, by the two tests. WE HAD NO CLUE. Why did I only take 2 tests, and not the 3 that were in the box? I have no idea. Why did we take the picture with James holding 2 tests, and not one? No clue. We didn't find out we were having twins for several weeks later. :)

(The following were the captions in the slideshow)
We hope you are having a great New Years! We wish we could be there with you!

Santa brought Aidan and very special, but late, Christmas gift this year. It must have gotten lost on the sleigh.

And baby makes 4!!!

Little did we know that babies would make 5!

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