September 23, 2009

February 09

Our Bunco group started a book club last year. In February book club was at our house, and thanks to Meredith, the author of our book came to our meeting! Therese Fowler was wonderful and it was so neat to meet the author of a wonderful book, Souvenir! Read about Therese here...
In February we got the sad news that our dear friends the Yates were moving back to TX. Marshall, Meredith, and Peyton have been such wonderful friends over the past two years! We hate to see them go, but we plan to have annual (at least) family trips! We are so thankful for their family and know we will be lifelong friends!
Aidan enjoyed a ride with the top down in Grammy's Mustang. That is right, my first car has a new owner. So glad it stayed in the family!! As for me, I am now driving a big, beautiful MINI VAN!
Here are some sweet pictures of my little valentine!
Making our valentines for playgroup friends!

He would look at his valentines everyday for weeks! He thought it was so fun to dump out the bag of cards and look at all of them!

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